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At shows and such, I'm frequently asked what are some pitfalls that writers can fall into. Well, here are the BIG ones. So, how many of these are YOU guilty of :)  I checked off more than a few myself!

And thank you Zachary for the awesome insight!

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Just in time for Flu and Cold Season!

Oct 14, 2013 1:21:16 PM

Great review for the interactive children's book, The Sneezy Wheezy Day!   Five Stars!

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Great app 
by capeAndrea2

I loved this-perfect timing for flu season. Kids loved it!

Cold and Flu Season are Here! Make sure your small ones have this in their arsenal for those sick days!
The Sneezy Wheezy Day - Interactive Storybook
The Sneezy Wheezy Day - Interactive Storybook
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The Sneezy Wheezy Day wins!

Apr 20, 2013 1:27:51 PM

The Sneezy Wheezy Day wins the Mom's Choice Award silver medal for Bedtime Story!  Awesome!  Way to go Cougar Cubs!I think I will go take a nap and read it!

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